Frequently Asked Questions about Tetracycline Teeth Treatment

What Causes Tetracycline Teeth (Tetracycline-stained Teeth)?

Tetracycline teeth occur when tetracycline antibiotics are taken during the formation of teeth (from age 0 to about 12), causing discoloration of the dentin.

The consumption of tetracycline antibiotics leads to the binding of tetracycline with the calcium in dentin.

This binding, when exposed to ultraviolet light, triggers a chemical reaction that gradually darkens the color.

As the dentin inside the tooth becomes darker, its color becomes visible through the enamel, making the entire tooth appear discolored.

What treatment options are available for completely eliminating the Tetracycline Stain?

For treating tetracycline teeth, there are various methods such as whitening and laminate veneer treatments. Among these, ceramic crowns are particularly suited for completely removing the darkened colors and striped patterns of tetracycline teeth.

By applying ceramic crowns to the teeth visible when smiling, it’s possible to achieve ideally white teeth.

Furthermore, while improving the discoloration of tetracycline teeth, it’s also possible to correct the alignment, shape, and size of the teeth to match your ideal.

Especially in the case of treating tetracycline teeth, cosmetic dentistry with ceramic crowns often involve six or more teeth, allowing for a choice of whiteness without having to match the surrounding teeth’s color.

For those wishing to significantly change the appearance of their smile, ceramic crown treatment for tetracycline teeth is highly recommended.

Is there any harm in leaving Tetracycline Teeth untreated?

The issues with tetracycline teeth primarily lie in aesthetics. It’s common to see cases where individuals feel self-conscious about their tetracycline teeth, leading them not to smile openly or to cover their mouths when talking.

Moreover, this self-consciousness about tetracycline teeth can result in a less cheerful facial expression.

If you are concerned about tetracycline teeth, we recommend starting with a free consultation to discuss the best treatment options and what to expect for the appearance of your mouth post-treatment.

Is it possible to correct the discoloration of tetracycline teeth and their alignment at the same time?

If you’re looking to improve both tetracycline teeth and teeth alignment, cosmetic dentistry with ceramic crowns is highly recommended. With ceramic crowns, it’s possible to correct the color of the teeth as well as their tilt, size, and shape.

Addressing both tetracycline discoloration and alignment not only enhances the appearance of the mouth but can also significantly improve the overall facial aesthetics.

Additionally, the treatment period can be relatively brief, particularly for concentrated treatment plans(short-term intensive plans), with some cases completing in as short as two weeks. This has made it an attractive option for individuals visiting from abroad for their treatment.

Online Consultations for Short-term Intensive Treatments

Intensive Short-Term Treatment Through Online Consultation

We offer short-term treatment options for those coming from overseas, with the possibility of completing the treatment in as short as two weeks.

First, using online systems like Zoom, we’ll establish a treatment schedule, ensuring a smooth transition from your arrival to the completion of your treatment.

We’ll discuss in detail about the number of visits, schedule, to provide an estimate for your treatment plan.

*Please Note That Short-term intensive plans for overseas customers require a minimum of four or more ceramics.

Please Start with an Online Consultation

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At White White Dental Clinic, we provide short-term intensive treatments utilizing Japan’s advanced dental technologies, while keeping costs reasonable for our international visitors.

We will coordinate the treatment to match your visit schedule to Japan, ensuring you with the perfect smile.

Please begin by consulting with us through an online consultation from your home.

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