Pain Free Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Treatments with Minimized Pain

Pain Free Cosmetic Dentistry

For those who are sensitive to pain or are afraid of dental treatments, we strive to provide cosmetic dental treatments with as little discomfort as possible.

We employ techniques such as anesthesia and, if necessary, intravenous sedation in our cosmetic dental procedures to minimize pain.

Our Pain-Free Treatments are Recommended for Individuals

The Secret to Minimizing Pain from Anesthesia

At White White Dental Clinic, we put efforts in minimizing pain during the treatment, to reduce the burden on our patients as much as possible.

Many people particularly dislike the pain associated with anesthesia, so we use advanced dental technologies to lessen the stress for our patients.

Key to Minimizing Pain ①: Topical Anesthesia

To reduce the initial prickling pain when the anesthesia needle is inserted, topical anesthesia is applied to the injection site in advance.

Once the topical anesthesia is effectively absorbed, the anesthetic injection is performed. This approach can significantly reduce the needle’s prickling sensation.

Key to Minimizing Paint ②: Ultra-fine Anesthetic Needles

Ultra-fine Anesthetic Needles

One of the causes of pain during anesthesia is the use of thick needles. Our clinic uses the finest needles available for anesthesia.

By employing 33G anesthetic needles, which are among the thinnest available, we are able to minimize pain for our patients.

Key to Minimizing Pain ③: Electronic Anesthetic Injectors

We also pay close attention to the speed of anesthesia injection. Injecting the anesthetic at regular intervals can help reduce pain.

We utilize electronic anesthetic injectors to precisely control the rate and amount of anesthetic delivered.

Key to Minimizing Pain ④: Temperature Control of Anesthetic Solution

By adjusting the temperature of the anesthetic solution to be close to body temperature, we can reduce the pain and discomfort caused by temperature differences.

We always ensure that the temperature of the anesthetic solution is maintained around 36 degrees Celsius.

Key to Minimizing Pain ⑤: Targeting Less Sensitive Areas for Anesthesia Injection

The body has specific areas known as “pain points” that are particularly sensitive to pain. Areas with a higher concentration of these pain points tend to be more sensitive to pain.

In our clinic, when administering anesthesia, we carefully avoid areas with a high density of pain points.

By selecting less sensitive locations for injections, we are able to minimize pain.

About Intravenous Sedation

Using intravenous sedation for a "fearless and painless" experience

At White White Dental Clinic, we offer cosmetic dental treatments combined with intravenous(IV) sedation, tailored for individuals who have a strong fear of dental procedures or wish to have multiple treatments done at once.

By administering sedation intravenously through an IV drip, patients can undergo treatment in a relaxed state.

Efforts to Ease Dental Treatment Anxiety

Efforts to Ease Dental Treatment Anxiety

Fear and anxiety towards dental treatments can make pain feel more intense.

We are committed to implementing strategies that reduce the fear of dental treatments.

1.Detailed Explanation of the Treatment Process

By thoroughly explaining the treatment process and procedures, we can eliminate the anxiety and fear patients might feel.

We provide detailed updates on the current stage of treatment and how much time it may take at every step.

To reduce patient stress, we take time to ensure clear and comprehensive explanations are given.

2.Information on Treatments Involving Anesthesia

Dental treatments can be categorized into those that require anesthesia and those that do not.

For procedures that utilize anesthesia, we provide prior guidance. This eliminates the anxiety of not knowing when or at what point the anesthesia will be administered.

Furthermore, we proceed with both topical and injectable anesthesia while keeping you informed throughout the process.

3.Pain Relief Prescriptions Provided by Our Dentist

After certain treatments, or depending on the patient’s overall health, there might be instances of discomfort or pain. 

Sensitivity or mild pain might also emerge after whitening treatments.

In such cases, our dentists will prescribe painkillers to ensure your comfort. 

We will carefully control pain even after the treatment.

To Those Who Desire Pain-Free Dental Treatments

Treatments Available at White White Dental Clinic

In all our treatments, including whitening, treatment and straightening with ceramic crowns, we prioritize pain-free and fear-free experiences.

We take extra care to communicate with our patients in detail, explaining each step of the procedure beforehand to navigate the treatment process together.

Particularly for procedures involving anesthesia, we strive to minimize pain as much as possible from the very beginning.

If you desire a beautiful smile but are apprehensive about dental visits or fearful of pain, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We are dedicated to providing treatments focused on being pain-free, helping you achieve a beautiful smile comfortably.

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