Gummy Smile Treatment

What is a Gummy Smile

What is a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile refers to showing excessive gum tissue under the upper lip when smiling or talking.

Our clinic offers assistance to those who are self-conscious about their gummy smiles and unable to smile openly.

Indeed, the balance of gum exposure, even by a few millimeters, can significantly alter the overall facial impression.

When treating a gummy smile, it’s crucial to consider the balance between the size and shape of the gums and teeth and their relationship with the lips.

Causes of a Gummy Smile

The causes of a gummy smile can largely be divided into three categories: teeth, gums, and the position of the lips.

Cases where teeth are the cause

 A gummy smile may result from teeth being shorter than usual or small in size. Additionally, protruding teeth can emphasize the gums.

Cases where gums are the cause

 An overdevelopment of the gums can lead to a gummy smile, making the gums more visible when smiling or talking.

Cases where the lip muscles are the cause

An overdevelopment of the muscles that move the upper lip can cause it to lift significantly higher when smiling, making more of the gums visible than usual.

Gummy Smile Correction Treatment at WhiteWhite

Gummy Smile Correction Treatment at WhiteWhite

We offer gummy smile treatments combining gingival(gum) contouring with ceramic restoration.

Gingival(gum) contouring will adjust the visible gum line’s width and shape according to patient preferences.

We finely tune the balance according to the patient’s desires, such as “completely hide the gums when smiling” or “beautifully adjust the size and arrangement of the teeth.”

This treatment is popular among international visitors, as it prevents regression and can quickly resolve a gummy smile.

Ceramic Orthodontics + Gingival(gum) Contouring for Gummy Smile Correction

1. Case of Enhancing Overall Whiteness While Improving Gummy Smile

before Ceramic Orthodontics + Gingival(gum) Contouring for Gummy Smile Correction


after Ceramic Orthodontics + Gingival(gum) Contouring for Gummy Smile Correction


The patient had naturally straight teeth but felt self-conscious about her prominent gums when smiling and decided to take gummy smile correction.
By combining gum contouring and ceramic crowns, the gums were adjusted to an ideal position.

Additionally, by opting for a whiter ceramic finish for the upper front teeth, we were able to not only eliminate the gummy smile but also enhance the overall color tone of the mouth area.

Within just two weeks, we improved not just the impression of the smile but also the overall facial impression, much to the patient’s delight.

2. Case of Balancing the Size of Large Front Teeth While Correcting Gummy Smile

before Ceramic Orthodontics + Gingival(gum) Contouring for Gummy Smile Correction


after Ceramic Orthodontics + Gingival(gum) Contouring for Gummy Smile Correction


This case involved a patient who wanted to improve her gummy smile and was treated with a combination of ceramic crowns and gum contouring. The patient’s front teeth were originally larger than the surrounding teeth, making the gummy smile more pronounced.

contouring adjusted the gum line to an ideal line, and the previously longer front teeth were designed to be smaller to match the balance with the surrounding teeth.

Overall, the gums became less noticeable, and the size of the teeth was adjusted to fit the mouth without any sense of discomfort. The combination of ceramic crowns and gum contouring adjusted not only the position of the gums but also the alignment, size, and shape of the teeth, creating the ideal smile for the patient.

Custom Gummy Smile Correction Treatments Aligned with Post-Cosmetic Surgery Facial Features

Custom Gummy Smile Correction Treatments Aligned with Post-Cosmetic Surgery Facial Features

We also offer gummy smile treatment plans that improve teeth alignment, whiteness, and shape to match post-cosmetic surgery facial features, such as eyes, nose, and chin.

Many international visitors undergo gummy smile treatment as the final touch to their cosmetic surgery.

Gummy Smile Correction Treatment Process

Initially, we will conduct detailed consultations online via Zoom.

We discuss your treatment preferences, costs, and travel schedule to Japan, and plan a concrete treatment schedule aligned with your visit.

We ensure smooth completion of treatment from your arrival to departure, usually within about two weeks.

Treatment Start Process: Anesthesia

To minimize discomfort, we perform anesthesia in two stages.

First, we apply a topical anesthetic gel to reduce the pain of the injection.

After confirming numbness in the gums, we proceed with local anesthesia, injecting the anesthetic at a controlled speed using a fine needle to ensure painlessness.

Gingival(gum) Contouring


We use specialized equipment to shape the gums along the ideal line. An electric scalpel minimizes damage to surrounding tissues and controls bleeding during the procedure.

Since the area is anesthetized, there’s minimal discomfort, and we finely adjust the gum line to match the balance of the gums and teeth. Additionally, there’s no swelling or bleeding post-surgery, eliminating downtime.

Simulation with Temporary Teeth

Simulation with Temporary Teeth

【Temporary Teeth State】

After shaping the teeth and laying a foundation, we insert temporary teeth adjusted to the newly shaped gum line. At this stage, we also adjust the size and shape of the teeth according to your preferences.

Adjusting the balance between the teeth and gums with temporary teeth allows for a more beautiful final appearance.

Making and Setting Ceramic Teeth Based on Temporary teeth

Once you are satisfied with the temporary teeth adjustments, we can continue to decide on the color of the ceramic to be set.

Typically, the color is matched to adjacent or opposing teeth. However, in gummy smile treatments, because ceramics are often placed in areas visible when smiling, setting them slightly brighter than surrounding teeth can still appear natural.

Using photos and models of the temporary teeth as references, we create the ceramic crowns to match the gum line, preventing future regression.

Intensive Short-Term Treatment Through Online Consultation

short-term intensive treatment plans through the use of online consultations

We offer short-term treatments for international visitors, typically completing treatments within about two weeks.

We use online systems like Zoom to plan the treatment schedule, ensuring smooth completion upon your arrival.

We will discuss the specific number of visits, schedule, and provide an estimate for the treatment plan.

Short-term intensive plans for international patients are accepted for ceramic treatments involving four or more teeth.

Consultation for Gummy Smile Correction Treatment

Please send us an inquiry form to discuss your treatment options.

We will follow up with an online consultation schedule via Zoom.

We look forward to consulting with you about detailed gummy smile treatments.

*The Short-term intensive plans for overseas customers requires a minimum of 4 ceramic treatments.

Pricing for Ceramic Orthodontic Treatment

All-ceramic Crown

155,000 JPY each, 5-year warranty

Abutment Tooth Adjustment

15,000 JPY per tooth

Temporary Crown

5,000 JPY per tooth

Gum Contouring

11,000 JPY per tooth

Intravenous Sedation

For those who are sensitive to pain or have a strong fear of dental procedures, intravenous sedation is available as an optional addition. You will feel completely relaxed and at ease during your treatment.

Intravenous Sedation

88,000 JPY

Common Price Examples for Gummy Smile Treatment

Four Front Teeth Ceramic Orthodontic Gummy Smile Treatment

All-ceramic Crowns (4 teeth)

155,000 JPY × 4

Abutment Tooth Adjustment (4 teeth)

15,000 JPY × 4

Temporary Crown Adjustment(4 teeth)

5,000 JPY × 4

Gum Contouring(4 teeth) 11,000 JPY × 4


Six Front Teeth Ceramic Orthodontic Gummy Smile Treatment

All-ceramic Crowns (6 teeth)

155,000 JPY × 6

Abutment Tooth Adjustment (6 teeth)

15,000 JPY × 6

Temporary Crown Adjustment(6 teeth)

5,000 JPY × 6

Gum Contouring(6 teeth) 11,000 JPY × 6

Total : 1,116,000JPY

Eight Front Teeth Ceramic Orthodontic Gummy Smile Treatment

All-ceramic Crowns (8 teeth)

155,000 JPY × 8

Abutment Tooth Adjustment (8 teeth)

15,000 JPY × 8

Temporary Crown Adjustment(8 teeth)

5,000 JPY × 8

Gum Contouring(8 teeth) 11,000 JPY × 8

Total: 1,488,000JPY

Flexible payment methods

Flexible payment methods

We accept various kinds of credit cards as well as installments.

Flexible payment methods are offered to meet our customers’ preferences.

Furthermore, all of our aesthetic treatments can be paid by PayPay, Union Pay/Union Card,Alipay and WeChat Pay.

You can get a free consultation about Gummy Smile Treatment first

free consultation

At White White Dental Clinic, we offer gummy smile correction(treatment) for overseas clients in as short as two weeks.
First, you can consult us online via zoom. We can schedule your appointment to fit within your stay in Japan.

Try our high-quality, short-term, and reasonably priced treatment!To begin with,Please consult us online about gummy smiles.

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