Gummy Smile Correction with Bone Contouring

Let’s take a closer look at gummy smile correction that involves bone contouring as part of the treatment process.

What is a Gummy Smile?

What is a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile refers to showing excessive gum tissue under the upper lip when smiling or talking.

Many people are concerned about their appearance when their gums are prominently visible while smiling, leading to behaviors like covering their mouths with their hands. The number of individuals seeking treatment for this complex has risen in recent years.

Gummy Smile Correction Using Bone Contouring and Ceramic Crowns

Gummy Smile Correction Using Bone Contouring and Ceramic Crowns

Bone Contouring is a treatment that involves making an incision in the gums under local anesthesia and then reshaping the alveolar bone that supports the teeth.

By adjusting the bone and aligning the teeth, it’s suitable for cases where the size of the teeth or the gums is causing a gummy smile.

The recovery period, often with some swelling and pain, is generally about a week. Bone contouring alone might lead to the gums reverting to the original position over time or expose the root of the tooth, potentially causing sensitivity. Therefore, combining it with ceramic crown treatment is recommended.

Especially since ceramic crowns treatments involve adjusting the teeth and covering them with ceramic crowns, it allows for improvements in the size, color, and alignment of the front teeth. This makes it an effective treatment for gummy smiles accompanied by dental irregularities like protruding or misaligned teeth.

Suitable Cases for Gummy Smile Correction with Bone Contouring

Bone Contouring for gummy smiles involves cutting into the gums and reshaping the alveolar bone. Indications include:

Unsuitable Cases for Gummy Smile Correction with Bone Contouring

Process of Gummy Smile Correction with Bone Contouring

Consultation and Examination

Efforts to Ease Dental Treatment Anxiety

First, we conduct a detailed consultation to discuss the specifics of your gummy smile concern.

We discuss the envisioned outcome post-treatment and propose the best approach. By taking photos and making models of your current dental state, we precisely measure how much gum lowering is necessary, setting a clear treatment guideline.

Bone Contouring

Under local anesthesia, we incise the gums to expose the alveolar bone, then remove and shape the bone within the predetermined range before suturing the gums back together.

For those sensitive to pain or who have a fear of dental procedures, intravenous(IV) sedation, which involves administering medication via a drip to induce a sleep-like state, is also an option.

Disinfection and Suture Removal

About a week after bone contouring, the mucous membrane starts to heal, allowing for the disinfection of the sutured area and the removal of stitches.

Temporary Tooth Adjustment

Detailed Simulation at the Temporary Tooth Stage

【Temporary Teeth State】

Once the gums and bone have stabilized, we adjust the temporary teeth.

Impression Taking

After confirming that the temporary teeth are correctly positioned and shaped, impressions are taken for creating the ceramic crowns.

Fitting the Ceramic Crowns

Setting the Ceramic Crowns

Finally, we fit the crafted ceramic crowns. Even slight adjustments in size, angle, or curvature can significantly alter the appearance, so we make delicate adjustments to achieve your ideal smile.

Overview of Gummy Smile Correction with Bone Contouring

Schedule an Online Consultation for Gummy Smile Correction

short-term intensive treatment plans through the use of online consultations

Combining bone contouring allows us to address the fundamental cause of gummy smiles effectively.

At White White Dental Clinic, We customize treatment options based on the unique causes behind each patient’s gummy smile.

Short-term, intensive treatment plans are also available for international visitors, beginning with an online consultation via Zoom. During this session, we will meticulously plan your entire treatment timeline, from your arrival to your departure.

We will ensure that your treatment is efficiently completed during your stay in Japan. Feel free to start with an online consultation.

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