Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment involves embedding an artificial tooth root in the area where a tooth has been lost and covering it with a ceramic artificial tooth. It is a method that compensates for the original functions of a tooth.

Compared to bridge treatments and denture treatments, implant treatments offer many advantages, such as not putting strain on other teeth, having superior aesthetics, and allowing the sensation of the texture and temperature of food.

Advantages of Implant Treatment

For example, in bridge treatments, the surrounding teeth are used as support by putting strain on them. This can lead to risks such as the supporting teeth becoming loose or falling out, or causing cavities.

On the other hand, implant treatments do not require trimming or putting strain on other teeth. They also offer the benefits of a beautiful appearance indistinguishable from natural teeth and the ability to enjoy food just as if using one’s natural teeth.

This treatment is popular among people who do not want to put strain on their remaining teeth, who want to enjoy their meals deliciously for as long as possible, and who do not want to appear older because of dentures.

Dental Implant Case Example

Dental Implant Case Example

A patient visited our clinic to replace a missing top lateral tooth(upper lateral incisor) with a natural-looking one. Since the patient didn’t want to alter her healthy adjacent teeth, we decided on a dental implant treatment rather than a bridge treatment.

In our clinic, we use all-ceramic material with high-transparency for the implant crowns. By combining ceramic crowns with high quality abutments, we can ensure a natural transparency and brightness for your teeth. Furthermore, the use of zirconia helps prevent discoloration of the gums after treatment.

Ultimately, an all-ceramic crown is set on the abutment. The color and sheen are very natural, making it almost indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

The Features of Our Dental Implants

Emphasizing preoperative examinations for safe and secure implant surgery

To perform implant surgery safely and securely and to ensure the long-term use of the implant, it is crucial to conduct accurate and thorough pre-operative examinations.

We carry out surgeries after comprehensively confirming the volume of bone and the positions of nerves and vessels using CT scans, photographs, and panoramic images.

CT scanners

CT scanners

Our clinic is equipped with a CT scanner, allowing us to three-dimensionally confirm the thickness of bone and the positions of blood vessels and nerves through CT imaging.

Implant surgery based on CT simulation involves pre-operative practice on a computer before the actual procedure.

By embedding the implant in a position matched with dental impressions and CT simulations, we can accurately embed the implant in the ideal location.

This allows us to embed the implant safely and securely.

We use implants from Straumann, which is a world leading brand in aesthetic dentistry

We use implants from Straumann, which is a world leading brand in aesthetic dentistry

Among the numerous implant manufacturers, we have adopted Strawman implants, which are renowned for their global market share.

Strawman, based in Switzerland, boasts over 40 years of achievements worldwide and is a reliable implant manufacturer backed up by countless academic research.

The Implant survival rate inside the mouth after 10 years is 95% for the upper jaw and 98% for the lower jaw. For individuals without chronic conditions such as diabetes, the implant survival rate can be expected to be even higher.

We choose Strawman implants with the desire to provide our patients with safe and secure implant treatments.

Issuing a passport for implant treatment records

We issue a treatment certification passport for each patient, allowing their treatment history to be accessed from anywhere in the world.

A track record of world-leading market share

Strawman is an implant manufacturer with a history of over 50 years and is present in more than 70 countries worldwide. It is constantly involved in research and development, making it a globally recognized implant manufacturer.

High success rates suitable for various cases

It is crucial for implants to firmly bond with the bone, and Strawman implants are made of materials and structures with excellent bonding strength, which leads to their top-class success rates post-treatment.

In cases that usually require bone grafting, Strawman implants may eliminate the need, making them suitable for a wide range of cases.

Using intravenous sedation for a "fearless and painless" experience

Using intravenous sedation for a "fearless and painless" experience

Hearing about surgical procedures might evoke feelings of fear or pain for many. Especially for patients coming from abroad, the fear and anxiety can be increased due to undergoing treatment in a foreign country.

To minimize the pain and the fear for our patients, our clinic uses intravenous sedation during implant surgeries.

With intravenous sedation, patients are administered a medication similar to sleeping pills through an IV, making them drowsy, as if they are sleeping. This method also has a relaxing effect, alleviating the patient’s anxiety and tension.

Though the surgery lasts about 1-2 hours, many patients describe the experience as feeling like they’ve only slept for about 15 minutes, waking up to find the surgery already completed.

We are committed to providing implant treatments that are free from pain and fear, so patients with strong fears or anxieties can feel reassured.

This approach allows you to undergo implant surgery with minimal stress.

Commitment to bone augmentation regenerative therapy

Don’t give up your hope even if your implant treatment has been refused by other dental clinics due to having a thin jawbone.

Our clinic is dedicated to regenerative therapy that encourages the regeneration of the jawbone. This therapy involves a combination of treatments such as fillers, serums, and Emdogain to prepare for the implant insertion.

Depending on the condition of the bone, regenerative therapy might take about a year. We will work together with those coming from abroad to arrange a treatment plan that meets their  schedule in Japan.

You can continue living your life as usual even during the treatment period.

By regenerating bone through the treatment, it becomes possible to receive implants.

Commitment to aesthetic beauty

Commitment to aesthetic beauty

We also prioritize the aesthetic appearance of dental implants.

With many years of cosmetic dental experience, you can expect a beautiful finish unique to WhiteWhite.

We pay close attention to the color and translucency of the ceramic crowns, the natural emergence of the gums, and the size and shape of the teeth. We aim to create a beautiful smile that matches the patient’s facial features and balances with the surrounding teeth.

We are supported by Many patients who desire implant treatments with a focus on aesthetic beauty.

Offering online consultations for overseas customers

short-term intensive treatment plans through the use of online consultations

For those considering dental implants from abroad, we offer online consultations using Zoom.

We’ll discuss a rough treatment schedule, the cost of implant treatment, and any questions you may have, together with a specialist in implants.

We will also provide detailed consultations about the specific schedule once you arrive in Japan, so please be rest assured. We’ll discuss the number of visits and the duration as well.

First, we can correspond via email to set up the schedule for the online consultation.

The procedures of Dental Implants

Here are the procedures of treatment after you actually visit the clinic following online counseling.

Detailed Examination

To ensure a safer implant treatment, we perform various tests such as X-ray exams, CT scans, and dental impressions.

Based on the results of these tests, we will develop a treatment plan tailored to each individual patient.

Explanation of Treatment Plan and Costs

Explanation of Treatment Plan and Costs

We will explain the specific treatment plan.

We will also provide an estimate of the treatment costs.

In addition to cash and credit cards, we accept payments via PayPay, UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental Implant Placement

Based on the examination results, we perform safe implant placement surgery. With intravenous sedation, you’ll feel drowsy and the surgery will be over before you even know it.

The surgery is completed in a very relaxed state. Those coming from overseas can feel at ease during the whole procedure.

Bonding of Implant and Bone

It takes about 3 to 6 months of healing period for the implant and the jawbone to bond.

You will be provided with a temporary tooth, allowing you to continue living your life as usual. We also focus on the beauty of the temporary teeth, so there is no need to be concerned about the appearance.

※It is also possible to return to your home country and come back a few months later. 

  We will provide detailed information during online consultations or online personal sessions.

Setting the Artificial Tooth and Completion

Setting the Artificial Tooth and Completion

Once the implant is stable, we proceed to the stage of treatment where a ceramic crown is attached.

We use all-ceramic crowns that have a natural translucency, which are supported by those who are particular about the aesthetic appearance.

※The process described is known as the “two-stage” implant treatment method. In reality, the treatment method is determined based on the condition of the patient’s mouth.

Implant Costs

Preliminary Examination


Implant Operation


Surgical Guide


Implant Suprastructure (all-ceramic):


Abutment & Parts


Temporary tooth


Brushing instruction¥2,200
Platelet-derived growth factor (venous blood collection)


Intravenous sedation


Our clinic is committed to using a combination of sedatives and intravenous anesthetics to achieve reliable effects through intravenous sedation.

Flexible payment methods

Flexible payment methods

We accept various kinds of credit cards as well as installments.

Flexible payment methods are offered to meet our customers’ preferences.

Furthermore, all of our aesthetic treatments can be paid by PayPay, Union Pay/Union Card,Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Please Use Our Free Consultation for Dental Implants

free consultation

Our clinic offers safe and secure dental implants, including regenerative therapy. We often provide advice sessions for overseas customers about implant treatments, so please  feel free to contact us using free online consultation.

First, please send us an inquiry form.

We will then contact you by email to arrange a schedule for an online consultation using Zoom.

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