How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take

Here, we will introduce the difference in treatment periods between implant treatments and other treatment methods, as well as the duration until the completion of implant treatment.

The Difference in Duration Between Implant Treatments and Other Treatments for Replacing Missing Teeth

The Difference in Duration Between Implant Treatments and Other Treatments for Replacing Missing Teeth

In implant treatments, once the implant has been integrated and stabilized in the mouth, it can regain functionality similar to that of your own teeth.

Other treatment methods for replacing missing teeth, besides implants, include bridge treatments and denture treatments. These treatments typically require a duration of about 2 months to complete, as they involve creating a prosthetic tooth supported by the remaining teeth. (The duration may vary depending on the condition of the supporting teeth.)

In implant treatments, the duration of treatment can vary depending on the thickness of the bone

In implant treatments, the treatment duration is often extended because of the requirements for surgical placement of the implant body and the subsequent period of waiting for the gums to stabilize around the integrated implant, making it a longer process compared to bridge or denture treatments.

Additionally, the location for implant body insertion often lacks sufficient bone thickness due to bone resorption following tooth extraction or due to the bone loss caused by the reason for the extraction. Therefore, it is necessary to set the treatment period according to the current situation.

Thus, in implant treatments, the treatment period can range from about 3 months to over a year depending on the conditions.

Duration Until Implant Placement Based on Different Situations

Gummy Smile Correction Using Bone Contouring and Ceramic Crowns

Let’s take a look at the specific treatment durations for different situations.

In cases where over six months have passed since tooth extraction, leading to healed gums and a stable alveolar bone

Implant placement is possible if there is sufficient bone thickness.

Even if the bone thickness is insufficient, if there is enough bone volume to stabilize the implant, a bone regeneration procedure to address the deficiency can be performed simultaneously with the implant placement, completing the process in a single session.

In cases of insufficient bone thickness

If the bone thickness is insufficient to secure the implant or lacks the depth to fully embed the implant, bone regeneration techniques to increase the surrounding alveolar bone can be performed at the same time.

If the initial stabilization of the implant is good, the period is about 1.5 months. However, if the initial stabilization is poor or a significant amount of bone growth is required, a more cautious timeline of 3 to 6 months is advised.

In cases of performing tooth extraction

When extracting a tooth and implanting in the same location, the process can be classified into three patterns:

  • Immediate(same day) implant placement after tooth extraction

  •  Implant placement after the extraction site is covered by soft tissue (gums)

  • Performing bone regeneration at the extraction site and inserting the implant after 4 to 6 months, once the bone quality has improved

In these cases, the waiting period from implant placement to the next phase ranges from 3 to 6 months. Combined with the preparation time, the total wait before moving to the next phase can reach up to a year.

Once the implant has successfully bonded with the bone and is able to withstand the forces of biting, the next phase involves the installation of a dental crown.

Consult Online for Implant Treatment Details

short-term intensive treatment plans through the use of online consultations

We’ve thoroughly explained the treatment durations for implant treatments.

If conditions are favorable, the process from implantation through adjustment of the temporary tooth to the fitting of the crown can take as short as 3 months. However, when there is a lack of alveolar bone thickness, the treatment plan may extend over a year.

Furthermore, we provide personalized treatment plans for each patient by analyzing CT scans and dental models while also considering the patient’s overall health condition.

White White Dental Clinic offers specialized online consultations via Zoom for those considering treatment from abroad. You can engage in detailed discussions online from your home, and we will suggest a tailored treatment schedule for your time in Japan.

We aim to ensure a smooth treatment process from your arrival until your departure, so we recommend utilizing our online consultation service for initial guidance on implant treatments.

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