Frequently Asked Questions about Replacing Old Dental Crowns

Q1. Can you get cavities after getting ceramic crowns or fillings?

First, let’s understand how cavities form: bacteria multiply and produce acid by absorbing sugar.

This acid dissolves the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, leading to cavities.

Metal restorations (crowns or fillings) can erode over time, creating gaps between the tooth and the restoration, which is a common cause of cavities. Ceramic, however, does not erode over time and remains firmly attached to the tooth, significantly reducing the risk of secondary caries (or recurrent caries) in the future.

With diligent care after ceramic crown treatment, you can maintain a healthy and beautiful smile without worrying about cavities.

Q2. I have noticeable gum darkening around my dental bridge; Will ceramic crowns make them look better?

Replacing Metal Crown

The darkening of gums around teeth treated with bridges is often due to the metal understructure or foundations used in earlier treatments.

This darkening can happen either from gaps that expose the metal, making it appear black, or from metal pigments leaching out and staining the gums.

Removing the metal crown and its base usually reduces the darkening of the gum.

If the darkening is widespread, a combination of ceramic restoration and gum contouring (a procedure to reshape the gums) can successfully eliminate the discoloration.

Q3. Will ceramic crowns discolor after the treatment?

For the all-ceramic materials used at White White Dental Clinic, there’s no risk of discoloration over time.

All-ceramic is resistant to staining, making it ideal for treating front teeth that significantly affect your facial appearance.

You can enjoy a lasting beautiful smile without the worry of discoloration.

Q4. What are the advantages of ceramics over metal restorations like silver crowns?

What are the advantages of ceramics over metal restorations like silver crowns?

The primary advantage is aesthetics. Ceramic crowns can replicate the look of natural teeth, including their translucency, slimness, and whiteness, allowing for a more natural and attractive appearance.

Metal restorations tend to create gaps between the restoration and tooth over time, which can allow bacteria to grow and cause secondary caries.

One of the benefits of ceramics is their ability to form a tight bond with the tooth, minimizing the chances of such gaps forming and thereby reducing the risk of secondary cavities.

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We will discuss the specific number of visits, schedule in detail, and provide an estimate for the treatment plan.

*Please Note That Short-term intensive plans for patients from abroad require a minimum of four or more ceramics.

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